Bringing Together Innovators, Leading Investors and Major Healthcare Corporations

The 26th MedTech Investing Europe Conference will be held on 24-25 April 2018 in Lausanne, Switzerland. We will be welcoming over 130 attendees and showcasing an unrivalled roster of venture-stage life science companies.

Our programme will include a mix of leading investors and healthcare industry specialists with a range of topical debates, from a look at how healthcare economics plays out in the real world to a 360 look at exits.

Our investor community includes single family office and private multi-family offices worth at least €100 million as well as some of the most pro-active VC, angel and corporate investors. Financiers will be attending from 4 continents and represent some of the most active and innovative investors in the sector.

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MTI speakers represent some of the most successful investors, entrepreneurs and life science specialists in the sector. Chosen for their knowledge, insight and first-hand experience they will give our audience the tools they need to develop winning investment strategies, successful commercialisation plans and accurately plan for the future.

To enquire about speaking opportunities at April's Lausanne, please contact Peter Newton.


Over the last 25 events we have showcased over 870 early- to mid-stage life science companies to our unrivalled audience of investors. Representing all areas of life sciences our presenting companies originate from over 37 countries and are at a range of different stages from pre-clinical to commercialisation. Just some of the previous companies include:

A full list of current presenting companies will be made available as soon as you register for the event in Lausanne.

Starts:  08:30:00 AM
Ends:  06:00:00 PM

Enjoy our event!

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The MTI conference programmes address the biggest topics in the industry today, from investment topics such as “Where is the money coming from?” and “What do family offices look for and how do they invest?” to wider challenges such as “How does healthcare economics playout in the real world?” and “How do you plan and execute a successful exit”.

The conference programmes are developed in conjunction with the MTI Investor Advisory Board – a collection of the biggest investors in the sector with assets under management of over €40bn.

Our speaking faculty represent the truly global nature of the life sciences industry with panellists drawn from leading organisations from Europe, North America and Asia.





Registration, refreshments and networking
08:30 - 09:10
Welcome from the State of Vaud
09:10 - 09:30
Raphael Conz. Economic Promotion Manager. State of Vaud (Switzerland).
Chairman’s Opening Remarks
09:30 - 09:45

From increased demand in emerging markets to a real need to decrease healthcare costs in the West opportunities are abound in the sector even if the journey is tough going. Teams of investors and entrepreneurs require the perfect combination of innovation, strong leadership and precise execution. But innovation is happening in many ways, from clever go-to-market approaches to new investors.

Benoit Dubuis. Doyen A.I.. State of Vaud (Switzerland).
Meet the Investors Panel Session – How are different investors approaching healthcare?
09:45 - 10:30

Over recent years there has been an increasingly obvious shift not only in investment patterns but in sources of investment themselves. Given these changes, what do the leading lights of the investment world think will be the trends in the coming months and years? Where is funding coming from and how can technology developers secure investment?

 How do different investors operate?
 How can early-stage entrepreneurs stand out from the crowd?
 What are the advantages of working with internationally focused investors?

Svana Gunnarsdottir. General Partner. Frumtak Ventures (Iceland).
Jonas Jendi. Investment Manager. Industrifonden (Sweden).
Laurent Choppe. Managing Partner. Cukierman & Co. Life Sciences (Switzerland).
JM Le Doussal. Founder & CEO. Remora Partners (Switzerland).
The Changing Face of Healthcare Investment
10:30 - 11:00

The development of new technologies, the rise of impact investing and philanthropy and the ever increasing need for healthcare all mean opportunities for, and interest from, the investment community abound. Investment in healthcare is constantly evolving but who is investing where and what does this mean for investors and entrepreneurs alike?

Rod Schwartz. Founder and CEO. ClearlySo (United Kingdom).
Morning coffee and networking opportunity
11:00 - 11:30
MedTech companies pitch their investment opportunities
11:30 - 12:40

These sessions are dedicated to MedTech companies presenting innovative technology and investment opportunities in different sectors to an audience of investors. Each company will present for 10 minutes, in ONE of TWO Presentation Rooms.

Where To Next? Achieving the right exit for founders and investors
12:40 - 13:25

Although there is no drying well in MedTech, early-stage companies are under increased pressure to justify the risk taken by investors who finance their fledgling company. How much is it down to the management team to ride the bumps and how much can a strategy be developed for a successful outcome all sides can be happy with?
 Understanding how to penetrate the market and at what speed
 What are the risks of dilution in further investment rounds?
 How can you mitigate against potential risks?

Olivier Koechlin. Managing Director. Fraser Finance (UK).
Christoph Kausch. CEO. MTIP (Switzerland).
Rana Lonnen. Head S&E Strategic Venture Capital. Novartis International AG (Switzerland).
Cornelius Maas. Investment Director. SHS Capital (Germany).
Lunch and networking opportunity
13:25 - 14:20
MedTech companies pitch their investment opportunities
14:20 - 15:10

These sessions are dedicated to MedTech companies presenting innovative technology and investment opportunities in different sectors to an audience of investors. Each company will present for 10 minutes, in ONE of TWO Presentation Rooms.

The Impact of Disruption – How can you disrupt healthcare white spaces?
15:10 - 16:15

What are the critical business and technology issues facing the deployment and development of new technology in MedTech and digital health? From a lack of compatibility to an inability to scale, promising technology is not always making the waves it should do. What can investors and entrepreneurs do to help create a fertile ground for truly disruptive tech in the healthcare sector?
 How are healthcare business models changing with the increased ‘connectivity’ of medical devices?
 What is preventing exciting technology from scaling?
 How can financiers protect their investments from competitors?

Diana Saraceni. Founder & Managing Partner. Panakes Partners (Italy).
Claudio Rumazza. Partner. Innogest SGR (Italy).
Afternoon coffee and networking opportunity
16:15 - 16:30
One-To-One Meetings
16:30 - 17:50

Special pre-scheduled individual One-To-One meetings will be taking place in our dedicated meeting area. This session will consist of 4 x 20min One-To-One meetings.

Networking Drinks Reception
18:00 - 19:00

This will be an informal reception allowing you to network with all attendees, building and extending valuable networks.

To enquire about sponsorship opportunities at upcoming MTI events, please contact Pierre Aghabala.


Sponsors of the MTI events represent leading companies and organisations providing services to early to mid-stage life science companies, investors and major healthcare corporations. Sponsors receive unrivalled exposure and access to some of the smartest start-ups and active family offices.

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