Bringing Together Innovators, Leading Investors and Major Healthcare Corporations

Welcome to the 28th MedTech Investing Europe Conference, the longest-running and leading healthcare and life science investment and partnering conference in Europe. We are proud to once again bring together the very best game-changing technologies and leading entrepreneurs with a wide range of investors including VC’s, angel investors, leading healthcare corporations, private wealth holders, family offices and many more.

We are delighted to be returning to Lausanne, Switzerland, bringing the very best of the investment community to one of Europes’s leading cities. This unrivalled platform will:

  •  Allow both investors and technology providers to identify, meet and build investment partnerships 
  • Showcase the most cutting edge technology and the investment opportunities our innovators bring
  • Give unrivalled insight into the MedTech sector for both entrepreneurs and investors via the fine-tuned conference programme
  • Deliver highly experienced and knowledgeable speakers showing how successful investments can be made in the MedTech arena
  • Allow you to meet with the companies and individuals of most interest to you via our 1-2-1 networking system and via informal meetings throughout the event


The MTI events deliver the best ratio of investors to presenting companies, giving all attendees the maximum opportunity to meet, network and ensure you meet the right people for your business. Do not miss this unique opportunity to meet with some of the most proactive entrepreneurs and investors in healthcare and life sciences, learn how to fine-tune your strategy and ultimately maximise the potential for return from the sector.

For more details, please contact Liam Smith on +44 (0) 20 3763 2816 or


MTI speakers represent some of the most successful investors, entrepreneurs, healthcare and life science specialists. Chosen for their knowledge, insight and first-hand experience they will give our audience the tools they need to develop winning investment strategies, successful commercialisation plans and accurately plan for the future.

To enquire about speaking opportunities please contact Peter Newton on +44(0)203 763 2800 or



Over the last 27 events we have showcased over 950 venture-stage healthcare and life science companies to our unrivalled audience of investors. Representing all areas of healthcare and life sciences our presenting companies originate from over 37 countries and are at a range of different stages from pre-clinical to commercialisation.

For more information on how you can participate please email

A selection of the confirmed presenting companies at this years event in Lausanne include:


Why attend as a delegate?

  • Be the first to uncover the latest investment opportunities from our unrivalled range of Presenting Companies

  • Meet over 40 investment opportunities all in one location over 2 days

  • Network with the leading investors and MedTech corporations

  • Learn how to adapt your investment strategy for today’s climate

  • Take away the tools to help your portfolio companies develop and grow to their full potential

Who are the delegates?

Every year MTI brings over 150 delegates together who are working at the cutting edge of healthcare and life science investment and partnering. Our investors represent some of the most pro-active and ambitious individuals from family offices, private wealth holders, VC’s, corporate VC’s, institutional investors, angels and managed funds to name but a few.

In order to ensure the best possible mix of investors and early-stage companies admission to all MTI events is strictly controlled and open to all qualifying companies and individuals. The organisers reserve the right to restrict admittance and delegate places.

To see examples of the range of investors MTI attracts here are just some of our previous members of the Investor Advisory Board:

Partner, Siemens Venture Capital, USA


General Partner, BioMed Partners, Switzerland



General Partner, VI Partners, Switzerland    


Senior Managing Director, OrbiMed Healthcare Fund Management, Israel


Partner, Gilde Healthcare Partners, Netherlands


Managing Partner, Peppermint Venture Partners GmbH, Germany


Partner, Omega Fund Management, UK

Co-Head Venture Capital, Life Sciences Partner, Omnes Capital, France


Founding Partner, HealthCap Venture Capital, Sweden


President, Shafner Law Office, USA

How to register

Special packages and early booking price are available for delegates who book early, see the Registration Page for more information or contact:

Liam Smith

+44 (0)203 763 2800


The MTI conference programmes address the biggest topics in the industry today, from investment topics such as “Where is the money coming from?” and “What do family offices look for and how do they invest?” to wider challenges such as “How does healthcare economics playout in the real world?” and “How do you plan and execute a successful exit”.

The conference programmes are developed in conjunction with the MTI Investor Advisory Board – a collection of the biggest investors in the sector with assets under management of over €40bn.

Our speaking faculty will represent the truly global nature of the life sciences industry with panellists drawn from leading organisations from Europe, North America, the Middle East and Asia. 






Registration, refreshments and networking
08:30  to  09:10
Welcome from the state of Vaud
09:10  to  09:30
Chairman’s Opening Remarks
09:30  to  09:45

In an ever more globalised world, cutting-edge opportunities for investors and large untapped markets for growing healthcare companies continue to present themselves. Whilst the demand for healthcare will never diminish, pressures on the sector from politics to economics mean that competition is rife for investment capital and market share, so what does 2019 into 2020 hold for the healthcare sector?

Healthcare Investment Strategies for 2019 – Where is the funding coming from?
09:45  to  10:30

New and evolving sources of investment capital are continually presenting themselves to fund the next generation of healthcare companies. Recent years have seen focus shift from traditional VC to agile family offices and private investors alongside the big capital reserves of major corporations, so what is driving investors today and what key features define each group?

  • What is the appetite for healthcare investment today?
  • How will different types of investor impact companies in different ways?
  • Does the “perfect investor” exist or do compromises have to be made?
  • What do venture-stage companies need to do to attract the attention of their target investors?
Healthcare Innovation – The next generation of technology
10:30  to  11:00

The healthcare sector is awash with innovation from incremental improvements of a traditional medical device to massive evolution in the way healthcare is delivered. New technologies can be incorporated into almost every facet of the life science sector and this expert view will give insight into what developments will prove to be winners, what will be dead-ends and ultimately what the future holds.

Morning coffee and networking opportunity
11:00  to  11:30
MedTech companies pitch their investment opportunities
11:30  to  12:40

These sessions are dedicated to MedTech companies presenting innovative technology and investment opportunities in different sectors to an audience of investors. Each company will present for 10 minutes, in ONE of TWO Presentation Rooms.

Evolution of the Healthcare – The innovative new technologies driving the sector
12:40  to  13:20

Healthcare technology has evolved far beyond traditional medical devices with the latest developments in healthcare and life sciences very often having complimentary technologies at their core from AI and machine learning to big data, robotics and VR. What are some of the latest developments driving the sector forward and how can these technologies be embraced?

  • Is it important to build compatibility into new medical technology?
  • How is the healthcare supply chain affected by new technologies?
  • How can complimentary tech from other sectors help healthcare to evolve?
  • What is the future of healthcare innovation?
Lunch and networking opportunity
13:20  to  14:20
MedTech companies pitch their investment opportunities
14:20  to  15:30

These sessions are dedicated to MedTech companies presenting innovative technology and investment opportunities in different sectors to an audience of investors. Each company will present for 10 minutes, in ONE of TWO Presentation Rooms.

Globalisation – New markets, new investors, new opportunities
15:30  to  16:15

We live in a highly connected, “global” world with investors and venture-stage companies often seeing the biggest opportunities stemming from an international outlook. As pressures and incentives increase to look beyond your local market what advantages exist? What should investors and entrepreneurs consider when looking outside of local markets?

  • How to identify, access and scale for new markets
  • Should companies seek investors from the regions they’re targeting?
  • A global route to commercialisation – how can a worldwide approach be implemented to test, approve and commercialise new tech?
  • How to balance global growth with consolidation in local markets
Afternoon coffee and networking opportunity
16:15  to  16:30
One-To-One Meetings
16:30  to  17:50

One-To-One Meetings: Special pre-scheduled individual One-To-One meetings will be taking place in our dedicated meeting area. This session will consist of 4 x 20min One-To-One meetings.

Networking Drinks Reception
18:00  to  19:00

This will be an informal reception allowing you to network with all attendees, building and extending valuable networks.

To enquire about sponsorship opportunities at upcoming MTI events, please contact Paul Mangles on


Sponsors of the MTI events represent leading companies and organisations providing services to early to mid-stage life science companies, investors and major healthcare corporations. Sponsors receive unrivalled exposure and access to some of the smartest venture-stage companies, cutting-edge investors and active family offices.

Starts: 08:30 AM
Ends: 06:00 PM

Enjoy our event!

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